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Advanced Smart Door Locks Make Debut On the Fair

Time:2018-04-19 Views:2724

This April, we bring our some classical, hot and new types to the fair held in Hong Kong. The excellent quality and product performance attracts lots of attentions of merchants.

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Fair is held in Hong Kong in April 11-14, 2018. There gathered many well-known smart products domestic and abroad in smart living area.
As a manufacturer, our unique product appearances have attracted the attention of visitors. At the exhibition, we conducted friendly and professional communication with visitors, and displayed the operation of the products on site, allowing visitors to fully experience the performance and quality of the products and answer visitors‘ questions in detail. 

In the days ahead, we will take a more professional attitude and technology to make every product, keep up with the latest technology, and develop more and more outstanding electronic locks.
After the successful conclusion of this exhibition, we will have other exhibition plans, and will officially launch a new Bluetooth lock. If you are interested in going to the show to personally try out our products or want to be informed of our developments in the first place, please leave a message or contact us.

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